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  • How to “Google It” like a Senior Software Engineer (by Fireship@YouTube)

    Been trying to google this information for a while. Guess I wasn’t senior enough to have found it sooner 😂

  • Map of Computer Science (by DoS – Domain of Science@YouTube)

    I reckon I’ll come back to this video a lot in the future.

  • Steps to generate (functional) requirements

    This semester, in a few courses, we started writing software requirements. During one of the courses I had an epiphany about perhaps one good way to start generating requirements. Leaving a note about it here. Identity data entity types in the system. Identify the source of each data entity type. Consider how each data entity […]

  • Currying (in JS). My mind is blown…

    I was preparing for a coding question for an interview and came across the below explanation about how to turn any function into a curried function in JavaScript, and it is absolutely mind blowing… Deeply Understand Currying in 7 Minutes (freecodecamp.org)

  • Making Sense of Bitwise Operations

    Each bit should be thought of as a “switch” that is either on or off, or, the bit is either set or not set. As a matter of fact, this precisely describes what a CPU does at the lowest level – flipping billions and billions (and counting!) of switches/bits. Perhaps, and that is a big […]

  • Learn Docker in 12 Minutes (by Jake Wright@YouTube)

    Published in 2016. Sets an example for high quality tech tutorials.

  • Just Had My First Tech Interview in a While

    And it’s actually the second tech interview I’ve had, ever. Unlike last time, I was asked some technical questions this time, questions (as paraphrased) like: What’s your understanding of software development life cycle? Why do you think unit testing is important? Give an example of an actual technique you’d use to prevent database injection. They […]

  • An Understanding of Programming

    I find one of the most helpful things a person can do when tackling a difficult subject/situation is to try to come up with accurate generalisations of aspects of the subject or situation. This process can strengthen the person’s understanding of the matter at hand, and, if they are successful in this practice, they will […]

  • Coordinating CSS Repaint and JS Execution

    Writing this down in case I forget it later. This is about the window.requestAnimationFrame() method. More about the method can be found at MDN – Window.requestAnimationFrame(). I wanted to change the appearance of an HTML element, then display an alert box, so, using jQuery and Bootstrap, I did: This did not work as expected as […]

  • Linux File Permissions

    Summarising what I have recently learned about this topic and also leaving some future references for myself. The information isn’t comprehensive and may have some inaccuracies, and will probably be updated in the future if necessary. Two factors: ownership and permissions Access to a file depends on two factors: ownership and permissions. A file have […]