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Just Had My First Tech Interview in a While

And it’s actually the second tech interview I’ve had, ever.

Unlike last time, I was asked some technical questions this time, questions (as paraphrased) like:

  • What’s your understanding of software development life cycle?
  • Why do you think unit testing is important?
  • Give an example of an actual technique you’d use to prevent database injection.

They are not difficult questions, especially since the interviewer clarified that they understood that I didn’t have enterprise experience and weren’t expecting me to give in-depth answers, but I really couldn’t say I’m happy about the answers I provided – while I think I managed to scratch the surface of the latter two questions, very likely I botched the first one. Hell, there’s the word cycle in the term SDLC, and I forgot to even talk about any cycle!

What’s more regrettable is that I’ve read about SDLC before, and I actually already knew it was a popular interview topic, and yet somehow, despite remembering to prepare for other topics such as the REST architecture, I didn’t think to take a refresher on SDLC.

Regrets similar to the above show I wasn’t being smart with what technical areas to focus on, and ultimately prove I didn’t put enough effort into interview preparation.

Well… Finding the first job isn’t supposed to be easy. It won’t at all be surprising if I don’t get the job this time, and the best I can do is to acknowledge my faults, improve upon them, and do better next time.